Thursday, March 19, 2009

Six Flags, more than six books

Last year, I pitched Six Flags several in-park promotions involving Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman. I also asked if they'd carry the book in their stores. (Some Six Flags locations feature Superman-themed rides.)

They kindly considered my promotional ideas but ultimately said no. They were also willing to consider the book, but I believe it was coming out too late in the summer (late July) for them.

This year, however, they are taking a chance on the book. I don't think I can reveal how many they committed to, but I can say it is more than six.

I realize people don't have a book-buying mindset when they go to an amusement park, but the Superman synergy was too tempting to dismiss.

And hey, even weaker connections exist. Whole Foods was selling DVDs of Shrek 2.

2011 update: It took a while but I now have proof that the yes was real.

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