Friday, March 13, 2009

How you found me: part 2

Lots of click-throughs to this blog result from straightforward searches including "Boys of Steel" and "Bill Finger."

Here is part 2 in an irregular series (part 1 was nearly six months ago) sharing some of the irregular search phrases—all verbatim, most strange—that have led people here:

  • books about pilot volunteers
  • words to say about a 95th birthday
  • what do jon bon jovi shaquille o'neal and joey fatone have in common
  • will a nobleman's wife name be in history?
  • what ages do the children need to know to become a noble man?
  • marc tyler nobbleman
  • marc tyler noblemen
  • boys of steel film
  • first superhero from New Jersey
  • what is a 9 letter word for peppy
  • verbs of steel for teachers
  • coroner vocab words
  • carbon monoxide deaths 2/27/09 - 3/2/09 near nyc

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