Monday, November 1, 2010

Houston 2010, week 2 of 2

Houston 2010, week 1 of 2.

Week 2 of 2:

What to do if the wireless microphone is not picking up your voice and is too wee to comfortably hold closer to your mouth for an hour:

Here are books sold at two out of the seven schools this week; note that in the photo immediately below, the book on top of Boys of Steel: The Creators in the foreground is not one of mine:

Favorite instruction from student regarding book signing: "In cursive please."

I learned that Boys of Steel not only was the catalyst for bringing me to this school district but also was of particular inspiration at Danish Elementary, one of its schools. When the Danish administrators and teachers met last school year to discuss the 2010-11 school year, and the fact that I was coming for an author visit came up, they decided the yearlong reading would be superheroes. The principal even ordered the staff corresponding T-shirts. Here is one worn by my most kind host, Lou Canatella:

Thank you, Lou and Cy-Fair, for a fantastic two weeks.

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