Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jerry Robinson on Bill Finger biography

In the interview pioneering Golden Age Batman artist Jerry Robinson gave The Comics Journal in conjunction with his recently released biography Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics, he is asked if he feels any other comics creator of his era also deserves a book:
Maybe a biography of Bill Finger, the writer. Somebody might be working on one. I hope they do.
I've interviewed Jerry myself for that very project, multiple times, starting in 2006. As most anyone in comics knows, he's an unwavering gentleman; for example, in the Comics Journal interview, I think he was simultaneously giving a little plug for and being protective of my book. (
I don't think he knows that it has already been announced; it's due out in 2012.)

I don't mean to make more of that minor mention than it merits. But with all that Jerry has to keep track of in his 88-year-old mind, he
still was able to allude to my book without giving more away. I am impressed, but given his classiness, not surprised.

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