Sunday, November 21, 2010

My first bookstore signing

Fourteen years ago today, on 11/21/96, I did my first book signing at a bookstore, for The Felix Activity Book. (My first book signing ever was shortly before, on 11/9/96, at the Rizzoli Book Fair held at the World Trade Center.)

I was living in New York City at the time. The signing was about two hours away at Millrace Bookshop in Farmington, Connecticut.

This display includes a copy of the cover of my book The Felix Activity Book.

My publicist had arranged for me to take a bus.

I nimbly managed to miss that bus.

After scrambling and realizing that I would not be able to catch another bus (or train) and arrive in time, I was forced to rent a car and drive myself.

It was nerve-racking enough going alone to my own first book signing, but then having to drive a car out of the city (which I’d never done)—pre-GPScompounded my anxiety.

Yet I made it on time and in good shape. Plus people actually showed up. I only wish I took more than the photo above.

The drive home was a victory lap I never could've taken if I was on the bus.

Compare with my first book signing of any kind.

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