Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Batman world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con...

No, I am not talking about the Batman: Year One animated movie.

No, not possible surprise teaser footage from The Dark Knight Rises.

I mean this:



Look for this T-shirt on the convention floor. You will have ten chances to spot it.

Supposedly, black-on-yellow is the color scheme with the greatest impact. (Fortuitously, it also recalls Batman's emblem.)

And if you must have one yourself, you can
buy it from Skreened, a company with a very cool aesthetic. (Brown shag carpeting not included.)

Two versions are for sale: one with only the front text and one with both front and back text.


Mel from L.A. said...

it says book AND documentary. I didn't know there was a documentary happening too.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

That it does, Mel. Stay tuned!