Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Island vs. Athens, GA

Barely four days after returning from Easter Island, I had to leave again...this time for the Georgia Conference on Children’s Literature in Athens, where I am speaking today.

Julie Meehan, an enterprising and very funny high school friend of mine who lives in Athens, saw the quirkiness in this and took initiative to prepare me for the transition. To say any more would spoil the fun, so with her permission but without further ado...

And for the record, what I've already seen of Athens has been lovely. No possums yet.

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Anne McLeod said...

I enjoyed meeting you at the Children's Lit Conference, Marc, and appreciated the comparisons between ATH and Easter Island. A few years back, I had a similar experience the day I woke up in Oxford, England, and ended up that evening in a Krystal in Cartersville, Georgia.

We have Boys of Steel in our media center, and now I'll look forward to your Batman title too. I told my husband about your research into comic book origins. We agreed that Stan Lee won't be fading away, perhaps having learned from his predecessors.