Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meeting my third Sea World skier

Over Super Bowl weekend, I gave three talks in the Miami area (none about football).

One was at the enchanting Books & Books bookstore in Coral Gables. Adding to the specialness of the evening was a surprise attendee: Diane D. Smith, one of the former Sea World water skiing superheroes I interviewed for my big blog feature last summer and the third I've met in person.

Here is me with the first two and here is me with Diane:

Diane and her husband kindly drove more than three hours to be there, knowing we didn't know when our next chance would be. In the interview process, she was one of the most generous and illuminating of the skiers. She told some great stories and has been more than complimentary and gracious about the finished feature.

Thank you again, Diane, for giving of your time and spirit to my project.

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