Sunday, April 1, 2012

Batman by batmites

I don't use the term "batmite" in a derogatory way, nor do I mean this Bat-Mite (a real DC Comics character):

Rather I am referring to the tiny people who created these adorable works of art:

They were among many other characters posted on this particular elementary school hallway bulletin board, but as far as I could tell, no other character made as many appearances as Batman did.

This speaks not only to Batman's popularity but also his iconography. Even children as young as four can convey Batman's look successfully; we can tell these figures are Batman without labels or verbal explanation.

That says a lot about the talent of young artists but also about the eye for design that Bill Finger had. The pointy ears and bat emblem are memorable and fairly easy for even a new artist to capture.

Gonzo job, post-toddlers! Same nap-time, same nap-flannel!

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