Thursday, April 26, 2012

The first “outsider” take on “Bill the Boy Wonder” is…

…courtesy of Kim Krug and Kathleen Skoog, owners of Monkey See, Monkey Do…Children’s Bookstore in Clarence, NY.


By “outsider,” I simply mean person who is not my wife, parent, best friend, or editor. When it comes to kidlit, Kim and Kathleen are very much insiders…which is why this feedback about Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman is especially heartening:
This book is a fantastic read for young readers and adults! I loved the graphics! The illustrations are lively, bright, and bold…! Amazingly, I learned the history and little-known secret of the TRUE inspiration and creator of BATMAN! This summer we are featuring a Superheroes and Villains camp at our bookstore and this will be our featured book!

Thank you, K & K! Let’s do some Monkey business!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the first (that I know of) book dedicated to Bill Finger (the true creator of Batman).

While I am happy for this book, I also still crave that serious biography on his life. By serious, I mean a normal book-length, written bio, with photos, etc.

This book sounds more like a comic book version, and while appreciated, at 48 pages it probably won't have the depth I am hoping for.

Still, I do have it pre-ordered and am looking forward to it!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Mine is indeed the first book on Finger. I understand your wish for a longer-form bio, but mine is not a "comic book version." It does have photos (all previously unpublished) and a meaty six-page afterword, which is not typical for picture books. I think it will tide you over until something else comes along! Either way, please send me a note once you've read it. Thanks for your interest and support!