Sunday, January 20, 2013

“Defies the odds…stellar, surprising” – Children’s Literature Network on “Bill the Boy Wonder”

In July, September, and November 2012, the Children’s Literature Network covered Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman in varying ways. Working backwards:

The November piece was a review; a flattering excerpt from a humbling assessment:

Defies the odds…stellar, surprising…Nobleman distinguishes himself as a four-leveled talent…he sparkles as an author.  … Be sure to read to the last page. The revelation is a true-to-life happy ending that would make even the Caped Crusader smile.

The September piece was more of an essay on the reason behind and the themes of the book. Excerpts:

Beside the fact that this book is about Batman…this book is about copyright and attribution and acknowledgement, something we all try to teach in our classrooms. While the Internet makes it so easy to pilfer someone else’s work and not give [him/her] credit, Bill the Boy Wonder delves into the effects that has on one man’s life. It’s easy to extrapolate how it might affect others. An extensive bibliography and author’s notes are just as interesting to read as the narrative. Nobleman describes his research, showing that he’s just as much a detective as Bruce Wayne.

High school and middle grade classrooms will value this book for its readability and its discussion-generating possibilities.

The July piece was a short interview—only two questions—with me.

Thank you to the CLN for so much real estate and for the thoughtful analysis of my work.

9/30/14 addendum: The Childrens Literature Network has shut down, so the above links no longer work.

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