Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trivia countdown: a school needs your help

On 2/8/13, I am scheduled to speak at Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora, CO.

Sweetly, in this month leading up to it, they have been building excitement for the visit with a daily trivia countdown…and they’ve asked me to ask my blog readers to provide the last three tidbits.

The countdown so far:

31 days out: He’s the author of more than 70 books.

30 days out: Bill the Boy Wonder was named to the “100 Magnificent Children’s Books of 2012” list on School Library Journal’s Fuse #8.

29 days out: He says he owes his writing career to Michael Jackson…tune in tomorrow to find out why.

28 days out: When he was 16 he wrote a spoof of Michael Jackson’s song “Bad.” It was so popular that he was asked to perform it at every sweet sixteen party he went to that year.


25 days out: He is also a cartoonist. When he was 7 years old he drew pictures of Scooby-Doo nonstop.

24 days out: When he was in fourth and fifth grade, his favorite novels were The Mouse and the Motorcycle and The Cricket in Times Square.

23 days out: He did not like math in school. When he got to middle school and got his first schedule he was so excited that math wasn’t on it. Then one of his friends said, “Marc, algebra is math.”

22 days out: He loved school. It’s where he learned everything he needed to be a professional writer—writing, public speaking, and typing.

21 days out: The number one thing that has helped him overcome hardships in his life is the desire to succeed. If you want something badly enough, and work hard enough at it, you can succeed at anything.


17 days out: If he could have any pet, he would choose a gorilla…but only until it grows up.

16 days out: If he could have any superpower, he would choose flight…because airfare is so expensive.

15 days out: He had lots of fun in college. Some of the things he did were join a comedy troupe, write and direct a play, and report for his campus news show.

14 days out: He tried for 12 months to write for Nickelodeon magazine before they finally gave him a chance. After selling his first pieces, he wrote for them for 7 years.


11 days out: He loved the Hardy Boys books when he was a kid. He remembers taking them to his grandmother’s house to stay up late reading them…but in reality he probably stayed up only until 9 p.m.

10 days out: His first struggle in school was in kindergarten…using scissors. As a matter of fact, he had such a hard time using scissors, his teacher even wrote about it on his report card.

9 days out: He recently wrote a spoof of the popular song “Call Me Maybe” called “Call Bill Finger,” after the secret co-creator of Batman in his book Bill the Boy Wonder.

8 days out: He has been told he looks like people including Ferris Bueller, Seth Meyers, Steve Nash, and High Jackman as Wolverine.

7 days out: He rounded up a series of pictures of authors as kids dressed as superheroes. He even has a picture of one of the authors who visited Sunrise—Bruce Hale—as Tarzan.

4 days out: He wrote his first play when he was in college. It was based on the novel and classic film about the Frankenstein monster. He called it Frankenstory.

Now it is your turn. 

In the comments section, can you please provide a piece of trivia that hasn’t been covered?

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