Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marc into March Into Reading

On 3/1-2/13, I was one of the authors bringing March in like a (literary) lion at the 10th annual March Into Reading, a community event sponsored by Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

I was so dedicated to the cause that midway through, I changed my name in honor of it:

It was my first book event in a long time at which I had not met any of the other participating authors before. Of course it’s great to see existing friends but also great to make new ones. The gentleman I spoke with the most was David Biedrzycki, with whom I share an editor.

 the authors, staff, and volunteers
Each author spoke at schools three times on Friday, enjoyed a lovely home-cooked dinner at a private home that night, and signed books for the public on Saturday morning.

My favorite student question of the presentation day was from a sixth grader at Cluny School: “Do you hate Bob Kane or do you think there was anything good about him?” (She worded it better but her exact phrasing escapes me.)

I learned of a mystery that has been a centuries-long challenge to solve: the Newport Tower. Calling Joshua Prager, Brad Ricca, or Chris Barton

TRAVEL TIP: If you forget your phone charger, no need to buy one or scramble to borrow one from a local friend or stranger. Your hotel probably has a selection to choose from; think how often people forget them there.

Thank you to all who helped organize this event, especially to Kitty Rok, Stacey Lyon, and Laura Backman. Hope to March that way again.

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