Thursday, March 7, 2013

Superman after Shabbat, Batman on the bimah

The fall of 2012, I was in synagogue a lot. I’m talking beyond the High Holy Days.

On 10/21/12, I spoke about Superman at Temple Beth Ami in Rockville, MD.

On 10/28/12 (as the hurricane Sandy approached), I spoke about Superman and Batman at Adas Israel in Washington DC.

On 11/11/12, I returned to Beth El in Bethesda, MD. In the spring, I had spoken there on Superman. This time it was Batman.


 © Mitchell Solkowitz

After my Beth Ami talk, a young woman told me she’d recently learned the American Sign Language sign for Superman. It was so cool and something that had never occurred to me. (I also learned that Batman doesn’t have his own.)

My kind host at Adas told me that some of its nursery school kids would wait in front of the electronic bulletin board in the lobby for the Superman/Batman advertisement to come on. Adorkable. (To be clear, I’m the dork. They’re the rest.)

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