Sunday, May 5, 2013

National Cartoonists Society

In 1999, the way I partied like it was, well, that year was by joining the National Cartoonists Society.

This entitled me to a copy of the NCS membership album from 1996—the 50th anniversary edition. 

It also entitled me to an entry in the next edition. Rather than copy and submit my high school yearbook entry, I cobbled together something new:

That site is defunct but the cartoons live on.

Happy National Cartoonists Day. You are convincing in your act that you did not already know it was today.

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Unknown said...

Hi There-

I am looking for information about a cartoonist for the New Yorker from a signed original sketch that I have (in a protective cover and placed on cardboard inside, which is also signed) of one of her Femme Fatale works from 1996: Always Return to the femme fatale. It appears that her name is Julia Levit, but it is difficult to make out her name. Can you offer any direction or help with this - I would be most grateful.