Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bill Finger Google doodle: Den of Geek

Den of Geek kindly ran an interview with me about Bill Finger, Google doodles, and other doodles.

Talk to us about the campaign to get Bill Finger a Google Doodle in honor of his 100th birthday. Why a Google Doodle?

It would mean that literally tens of millions of people would learn the name “Bill Finger” in a single day.

Devil’s advocate—and you can take that as literally as you would like—but does it diminish Bob Kane’s contributions to Batman when you classify him as the villain? And if that is the point, what informs the recent remarks that you made to the Spectator Tribune about Kane’s creative contribution to Batman, in which you said “maybe the name “Bat-Man,” but even that is disputed; besides, between pulps and film, bat-themed characters were nothing new by 1939. Finger gave Kane credit for Two-Face. Creatively, that’s about it.”

I am not diminishing Bob’s contributions; he did that himself—unintentionally, of course. When writing Bill the Boy Wonder, I realized that in simply spelling out what Bill did, it makes it all the more striking just how much Bob did not do.

The rest of the interview.

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