Friday, February 7, 2014

Eagle Ridge Middle School, Ashburn, VA

On 2/6/14, I spoke at my third Virginia middle school of the week, and it was yet another engaged trio of audiences (6th, 7th, 8th grades). 

I was particularly struck by how empathetic the kids here were; several times during the talk, at points where I mentioned certain research triumphs that would have a positive effect on other people or on posterity, they applauded.

Before I was introduced by my kind host, I (and everyone in the auditorium) was treated to a classy, brassy piece performed by three student trumpeters:

I can’t recall any other time that a school visit intro included live music; the closest was a Kansas school that played a bit of the (recorded) theme from Superman: The Movie.

The school art teacher created this cool welcome poster.

I love this candor.

I love this cake.

Thank you, Patti, and thank you, Eagle Ridge, for a special day.

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