Monday, May 19, 2014

Which "New Yorker" covers featured DC Comics characters?

The New Yorker, to which I have been a subscriber since high school, debuted in 1925. 

DC Comics, of which I have been a reader except high school, was founded in 1934. 

Two American publishing institutions.

With regard to the coveted New Yorker cover, when have the two overlapped?

Five times that I know of. (I will update if that changes.)

7/17/95; look closely and 
you will see Superman
(Peter de Sève)

4/17/99 Plastic Man *
(Art Spiegelman)

11/1/10 I count four (Superman, Batman, 
Robin, Wonder Woman), 
plus two Marvel (Spider-Man, Hulk)
(Ivan Brunetti) 

10/27/14 Joker
(Mark Ulriksen)

10/31/22 Batman
(Sergio García Sánchez)

* Plastic Man was originally published by Quality Comics, but DC acquired him in 1956.

Thanks to Sean Howe for remembering the 11/1/10 one.

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hobbyfan said...

And while they were never at DC or Marvel, in the top left corner of that last New Yorker cover, you'll see a scaled down version of Popeye & Olive Oyl. Some folks think Popeye's a superhero after a fashion, after all.