Thursday, July 24, 2014

The SECOND “new” Bill Finger photo of 2014

If you are here because I just announced at the “Spotlight on Bill Finger” Comic-Con panel that Athena Finger discovered the second “new” photo of her grandfather this year, shout out “Milton” (Bills name at the time)!

Take a quick look at the photo, then go back to paying attention to the Fingerphiles up front.
The back of the photo says “37” (presumably meaning 1937, 
and the hairstyle corroborates that). 
I do not know the woman.

P.S. Since 2014 marks the...

  • 75th anniversary of Batman
  • 100th birthday of Bill Finger
  • 40th anniversary of Bill’s death is especially apropos that this is the first year since 2007 when new Bill photos turned up. (Here is the first, found in February.)

And since its a triple bativersary, and since things mystically happen in threes, could a third previously unseen Bill pic present itself before year’s end?

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