Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fairy in the forest during WWII

While speaking at the American School of Bombay, I met a woman about my age whose mother-in-law saw what she describes as a fairy in a German forest during World War II.

I am, as I will soon reveal, prone to believe.

Eva agreed to share her experience.

Set up the sighting story.

We fled our country toward the end of WWII as the Allies were bombing our city and the Russians were fighting and pushing in on the ground. The city was in flames. Once the Russians were in control, they would never leave. We traveled in carts and trains and when there were no longer any trains or carts, on foot.

Eventually we reached Bavaria, the part of Germany which became the American sector. We had only the clothes on our backs and existed by begging for food and shelter. After the Liberation by the Allies, the American military set up living areas for all the people displaced by the war in whatever buildings, whole or partially destroyed, they were able to find. There was chaos and hunger for about one year, but thereafter, the military sorted through the displaced persons, of whom we were three, and set up barracks to house us, the DPs. During the following years, many DP camps were built and those who were lucky lived in these camps. DPs were frequently moved about, often from one month to another. We were moved when the returning American soldiers needed the space.

What did you see, where, and when?

The year was either 1947 or 1948. I attended the German schools—which was allowed—and walked to the school through a forest or by a forest in Bavaria. It was either in Weinsberg or Heilbronn—I think Heilbronn had more forests, Weinsberg had more vineyards. I was decorating a tree hollow with moss and wild flowers for the fairies, in whom I firmly believed. I heard a high-pitched giggling sound and a beautiful, tiny fairy peeked out of the tree opening.

What did the fairy look like?

The fairy was very tiny, delicate, and beautiful—long hair and fluttering wing. At first the fairy peeked out of the tree hollow, then stepped out—then disappeared.

How did you feel upon seeing it—excitement, fear?

I felt a sense of wonder and awe and then excitement—never fear.

How old were you at the time?

I was about seven.

Who were you with?

I was alone in the forest.

Did anyone else see fairies in that area, and if so, how did their sightings compare to yours?

I don’t really know.

Did you tell anyone at the time, and if so, what was the response?

I did tell my mother, but she told me that I had just imagined the fairy. To this day, I believe that I did see the little fairy.

How many times did you see fairies?

One other time—later that same year—again in the forest.

Have you ever experienced anything else not easily explicable?


Have you met anyone else who has also seen fairies?

My daughter said that she had seen two fairies flying by when she was also about 6½ or 7 years old. This was again in a forest.

Where did your daughter see fairies—same forest?

In Bavaria, in Oberammergau—we had also lived in a camp outside the town. This happened in 1971. We were walking in the forest—my husband and son walked ahead, my daughter and I were picking wild flowers. She suddenly stopped and pointed to a wild rose bush—then very excitedly told me that she saw a fairy on one of the roses. She said that the fairy’s dress looked like a rose. We had not been speaking of fairies when this happened.

What is your response to people who don’t believe this story?

I don’t speak of it often and, if so, only to those who also love fairies.

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