Monday, April 6, 2015

Feedback from the Charlotte S. Huck Festival

On 2/27-28/15, I was a featured speaker at the Charlotte S. Huck Children’s Literature Festival in Redlands, CA. 

I really enjoyed my audiences and was humbled to discover there was some mutuality to that feeling. A sampling:

  • “Wow—incredible! An inspiration—absolutely gripping story everyone should hear”
  • “Could listen to him for a long time”
  • “Easy and humorous style make his Q&A fascinating”
  • “Powerful and engaging”
  • “Great message about the hard work of research”
  • “Awesome information, stories, advice, and ideas”
  • “Amazing researcher! It was cool to learn so many things I never knew about popular culture”
  • “Learned so many interesting facts, really enjoyed his process”
  • “It ended too fast”

Thank you all!

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