Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"The Chupacabra Ate the Candelabra," day 1

The Chucapabra Ate the Candelabra (illustrated by Ana Aranda, edited by Nancy Paulsen) released on 3/7/17. Some friends who pre-ordered and got it that day (or shortly after) voluntarily sent me photographic evidence.

Some showed the book on a marble countertop (names are the adults who sent me the photos, not the kids):

 Karl, NY; know from my first job after college

 Tracy, CT; know from my hometown

 Christian, VA; one of my best friends since 4th grade

Non-marble backgrounds:

Lauren, IL; know from college

 Dawn, OR; know from my cartooning days

 Alicia, CT; know from my hometown 

 Mark, NY; know from college 

 Melissa, CA; know via her brother, a longtime friend 

 Nadia, CT; know from a former neighborhood 

 Rebecca, NJ; know from my current town 

Some included the recipients:

my adorable nephew!

 Mimi, UT; know from Footloose, then because I interviewed her

 Aryeh, CT; know from camp

Colette, MD; know from my street

 Shana, DC; know from friends

 Dara, MD; know from college

 Jonathan, GA; know from my hometown 
Ryan, DC; colleague of Christian (see above) 

 Douglas, TX; know from college 

 Brett, TX; know from my hometown 

The book is for anyone who likes to laugh:

 Amanda, WA; know because I interviewed her

Sabine, DC; know via my wife

I recommend experiencing it inter-generationally:

Lindsey, TN; know because she's a librarian!

Or even inter-species:

 Betsy, FL; know because I interviewed her, too 

3/13/16 addendum: The first weekend after the release, my son and I even got to hand-deliver a copy to a neighbor who happened to call a bookstore while I was right there signing stock:

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