Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Martha Quinn tweeted about my '80s video girls interviews

For many my age, the "M" in "MTV" stands for "Martha."

As in original MTV VJ Martha Quinn.

Honored she did this. Impressed she remembered this. (I posted the second and to date last installment in 2014.)

Thanks, Martha!


hobbyfan said...

Thanks, Marc. You just made my day.

FWIW, you ain't alone when it comes to Martha Quinn. I was crushing on her, too, back in the day.

Ken Severson said...

Excellent. I still love my 80s video girls--especially my all-time favorite Mak Gilchrist (Addicted to Love). Here's one for you. The girl in the Dave Edmunds video "Slipping Away." She's been slipping away for 35 years.