Monday, December 25, 2017

Most humbling "Batman & Bill" tweets/posts of 2017

The public response to the Hulu documentary Batman & Bill has been overwhelming...and ongoing. 

For at least the first three weeks after its 5/6/17 debut, we got roughly a tweet a minute, almost all of them positive, and the love kept coming throughout the year. I had not been that beside myself since Bill Finger received official credit in 2015. I know the number of tweets sounds exaggerated, and even though I witnessed it firsthand, I still have difficulty believing it myself, so I'm glad it's easily verifiable. Throughout, I have perpetually been on the verge of tears.

Of those many thousands, I tried to keep up and compile my favorites; as of now, it's just over 700, many of which reference crying multiple times, and about half of which I've shared here. Of those, here are the ones (just over 50) that moved me the most:

Thank you again to all. And to all a Dark Knight.

12/31/18 addendum: more love throughout 2018.

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