Monday, January 11, 2010

"365 Things to Do Before You Grow Up"

Imagine a book for young people as different as you can from the one that's been the subject of several of my last few posts:

Did you come up with something like this?

ages: 7 to adult

gist: Go sled bowling. Race elevators. Plant pennies. And 362 other funconventional activities for families.
: $6.95 (some sandwiches cost more!)

good for: anyone who ever gets bored
not good for: people looking for instructions on how to build a terrarium

This is the first (and still only) book I wrote that I resold to another publisher after it went out of print. The timeline:

2000 wrote the original (titled 365 Adventures) for Dutton (Penguin) in conjunction with Discovery Kids
2004 resold it to Sterling
2010 book out (odd delay for a book that was already written; it's okay
I didn't push)

Here is the original cover. Which do you like better?


Becky Boutch said...

Love it! (For the record, I prefer the new cover. I like the "before you grow up" - which I never plan to do.) Looks like lots of fun. Congrats!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thanks Becky!

Sarah said...

This looks like an awesome book!! Definitely going to get it for my kids :D

And I prefer the new cover too :)