Monday, January 25, 2010

How do you gift wrap an author visit?

A friend from college who works in administration at a school recently hired me to speak there.

He also suggested that we do something no other school in my six years of author visits has: donate one of my presentations to a nearby underfunded school.

In other words, my friend’s school would pay for a certain number of presentations but give one to another school, where I would present the same day.

Especially right now in this period of extreme crisis for Haiti (among too many other areas in the world), we can thankfully say it’s not hard to find examples of generosity. But it’s always nice to encounter a new form of it.

I’ll surely mention this again in the post I’ll inevitably do after the visits, but that’s repetition I don’t mind. This idea deserves all the exposure it can get.

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Unknown said...

What a fabulous and generous idea! Just love it...