Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How you found me: part 5

This is the fifth totally true installment of some of the wackier search terms that have led people to this blog and I’m grateful to (if not sometimes perplexed by) every one of them:
  • Marc's blog look what my son did
  • peppy things to say during a text
  • what is called if a person is born with 5 and half finger
  • nonfiction book for young readers with a subject of shoes
  • writing a non boring autobiography
  • writing a fun semi biography book
  • picture books for old people
  • permission to keep rabbits in apartments New York City
  • what would a 17 year old son of a nobleman wear
  • why did Nickelodeon Magazine get so small
  • Bigfoot activities for primary grades
  • Aquaman graphics for a Honda 150F
  • cartoon of a metal boy
  • things you don't wanna hear
If I taught creative writing, and I was twisted a different way, I might challenge students to use all these phrases in a single story, organically.

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