Friday, February 18, 2011

Untold tale of Bill Finger #4, part 2: Not the Batdance

While writing, Bill liked to listen to Mozart on his snazzy desktop Crosley radio. I was planning to wait till the book is out to show how that radio likely looked, but then I decided this is not one of life's—or even the book's—greater mysteries.

Charles Sinclair has had staggering recall about even some of the smallest details about his longtime friend and sometime writing partner Bill Finger, yet he could not remember precisely which model Bill had; he is more than forgiven. He did kindly look through dozens of images and said that this 1949 model comes close...

...and this 1948 model comes very close....

...though the dial looked more like the one here, if on the right and with three knobs under it:
 So maybe you can mash up these three in your head and produce an authentic image.

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