Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Untold tale of Bill Finger #8: Bill’s last two scripts

Bill Finger is best known as the unknown co-creator of Batman, who debuted at the start of Finger’s career. The end of his career also involved darkness, but not Batman.

His last two first-run stories to be published came out after his 1974 death. With respect to the short, sad life of Bill Finger, the titles of both the stories themselves and the comic book series in which they appeared are apt:

  • House of Mystery #241 (May 1976)—“Death Pulls the Strings”
  • House of Secrets #141 (August-September 1976)—“You Can’t Beat the Devil (see a page here)

In January 2011, I learned the whereabouts of one of the two, whichever was turned in later: Paul Levitz gave it to Finger’s lone heir, the granddaughter whom I uncovered in 2007.

In other words, it’s right where it should be.

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