Thursday, October 3, 2013

A peachy reaction from Plum Creek

An educator who attended the 2013 Plum Creek Literacy Festival served me an extra serving of niceness afterward in the form of a blog post about my presentation, and I quote:

  • “…an hour of fabulous!”
  • “Three cheers for Marc Tyler Nobleman!”
  • “I had no idea who Mr. Nobleman was when we signed up for the festival. I had even contemplated ditching his session and sneaking my small class in to listen to a different author. (Very sorry.) I am so glad I didn't! I could have listened to him inform, educate, and inspire my children for hours!”
  • “…the children were captivated by his every word”
  • “Listening to Mr. Nobleman made the entire trip worth it.”

This humbled presenter thanks you, Heather.

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