Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Speaking at Eagle Hill School, Greenwich, CT

On 10/3/13, I was back in my home state to speak at several schools including the lovely Eagle Hill.


Though I have written a book on eagles, the topic du jour was another creature of flight: superheroes. My kind host Ann Chase and her students prepared not one, not two, but three dynamic displays for me. It sure is nice being a sidekick to Superman and Batman.

The Greenwich Time covered the event.

The journalist was a very nice—and knowledgeable—guy, and a good writer, too. These are my favorite lines:

  • Marc Tyler Nobleman is a better reporter than Clark Kent and has apparently picked up a thing or two from Batman about detective work.
  • The author is living up to his own heroic surname by launching a crusade for little-known writer Bill Finger…
  • Superman and Batman remain pretty popular senior citizens.

Thank you again, Eagle Hill (and Greenwich Time).

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ann said...

Complete credit for the displays goes to our amazing dorm staff and students!!