Friday, October 11, 2013

Speaking at Hommocks Middle School, Mamaroneck, NY

I’m a huge fan of speaking in schools and a huge fan of catching up with old friends. On 10/4/13, I got to do both at the same time.

My college friend Lisa Manheim (who was then Lisa Goldstein) worked hard to bring me to the school she’s taught at for five years, and I was honored to come. The auditorium was packed with kids and energy, yet the large group was respectfully quiet at all the “right” times (i.e. moments when I was discussing something sad). And before I came, those same kids had prepared a vibrant mosaic of A-list superheroes in honor of Jerry, Joe, and Bill. 

My time at Hommocks concluded with a writing workshop for a particularly sharp group of kids who had great questions and also the confidence to disagree with me at times. This is one of my favorite aspects of working with young people—seeing them demonstrate their conviction.

I particularly loved this comment from one of the sweet thank you notes they wrote: “I will defiantly take your teachings into account the next time I write a story.”

Thank you, Lisa, your colleagues, and your students for a stand-out day.

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