Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bill Finger in "Heroes of the Comic Books"

Popular artist Drew Friedman gave me permission to share the sketch of Bill Finger he drew for his upcoming book Heroes of the Comic Books.

Though Bill was a writer (in fact the original writer, and a prolific one1,500 Batman stories over 25 years), here he is in the pose of an artist. I don’t know why Drew depicted him this way; however, Bill did contribute to the visuals. Most notably, it was Bill who designed Batman’s now-iconic costume.

6/9/14 Drew kindly responds:
It’s actually supposed to be a form of an old fashioned writers desk and he’s holding a pen as if writing. What I subtly wanted to imply was that although he was, of course, a writer, he did indeed create the visuals to Batman’s costume and conceived the visual of the Joker based on the silent film. Why I gave the artistic slant to my portrait...

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