Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Triple connection: athenahealth and “Bill the Boy Wonder”

This is certainly a first: a comparison between a healthcare-focused technology company and a nonfiction picture book about a comic book writer.

In 2007, I noticed this Inc. magazine cover featuring athenahealth co-founder and CEO Jonathan Bush (who happens to be cousin of George W. Bush and nephew of George H. W. Bush):

At the time I was working on what became Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman.

It is always great to see a CEO promoting having fun at work. It was great that Jonathan
’s way of demonstrating that for this cover was by dressing up like Batman. Even I haven’t done that. (Robin, that’s another story.) The cover also struck me because the superhero known for pulling open his shirt to reveal his emblem (to the reader, not the public) is, of course, Superman, not Batman.

But what made this blogworthy for me was the fact there were two other incidental connections between this company and my book.

First, athenahealth is based in Watertown, MA
as is Charlesbridge, publisher of Bill the Boy Wonder.

Second, Bill’s granddaughter—his lone, previously unknown heir—is named Athena.

I reached out to Jonathan, who kindly responded. I sent him a book. Perhaps that will in small part contribute to the fun work atmosphere he is fostering.

Holly Spring, colleague of Jonathans, after reading the book: “Certainly Athena and Jonathan have synergies
both out to change something in the world for the better!

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