Monday, January 13, 2014

Bill Finger Goodle doodle: the movement grows

First Brad Meltzer and Kevin Smith tweeted and IGN covered my effort to get Bill Finger the Google doodle for his 100th birthday, 2/8/14. Now some other major players have entered the fray:

Comics Alliance

Note: Most people seeing this headline are asking “Who now?”
and not in reference to Finger.

And of the hundreds of tweets I have skimmed, here is one I especially like:

This tweeter also interviewed me for a Canadian newspaper.

Some people who emailed Google copied me. Here are two choice excerpts:


I’m with Marc Nobleman. It’s time for Bill Finger to get some recognition for his long-standing contributions to pop culture. And it’s not the doodle that so important, but the link.

Millions of users will go to Google to search the Internet, they’ll see a Batman-themed doodle and click it, and it will link to Finger’s story. Normally your doodles highlight someone who is recognized for his achievements, but a doodle for Bill Finger would actually help give him the recognition he’s never had. I hope you’ll consider it.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to the doodle.


Please consider a Google doodle for this poor man who made millions of people happy and died penniless without the fame deserved of him.

To join the movement yourself, email We can do this! Maybe we already have...

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