Sunday, January 26, 2014

Skyping with the “Addicted to Love” women

Last year, I became the first person since the iconic 1986 Addicted to Love video to track down and interview all five women who appeared in it.

All along I intended to run this girl in the video” series here on my blog, but at the 11th hour I did pitch the concept to a few brands, including Yahoo. Yahoo said too niche. Yahoo said no. So I proceeded with Plan A.

I am happy to (re)report that the series garnered considerable attention from media and fans.

Last week, in building up to the Grammys, Yahoo did a short video interview with four of the five.

I guess in these past six months the idea lost its nicheness. Whatever could have changed that?

(And where are you, Julie Pankhurst?)

As of this writing, there are close to 1,000 comments under the Yahoo video, most of which I did not read, but this one made me laugh: “THEY WENT ON TO LIVE DIFFERENT LIVES??! You mean they don’t all live together in a house, walking around all slinky like in short black dresses!?”

2/4/14 addendum: The video has been removed from the U.S. site but remains on the UK site (link above), though without an embed option.

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