Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kevin Smith and I talk about Bill Finger for an hour


That is all.

Who am I kidding? That is not all.

I was the guest for the 1/20/14 Fat Man on Batman podcastfirst of the new year, first of the year of Bill’s 100th birthday.

Though Kevin prefers in-studio interviews, we have tried and failed for months to be in the same city at the same time; given the time-sensitive nature of lobbying Google about my idea for the 2/8/14 doodle, Kevin for the first time recorded over Skype.

We had the video on for only a moment before shutting it off to improve sound quality. In that one moment, I did not look good:

Apparently, kibitzing with Kevin about one’s book does wonders for one’s Amazon rank (screen shot from a few hours after the podcast went online):

(Before the show, it was six figures.)

And, if one of the comments can be taken as omen, it could also be good for ones nonexistent film career:

“This has to be a film. Starring and directed by Ben Affleck. Guaranteed Oscar gold.”

People seemed to like the podcast.

Thank you again, Kevin (and Meg, Will, and Ashley). I look forward to seeing you soon...


Unknown said...

Listen to the to the Podcast. I knew that Bill had a hand of creative role in the beginning, but this man did so much to create one of American icon. Yet never get credit for it. It brings a tear to my eye. Now I want to get your book. If you in San Francisco area for the documentary I would gladly volunteer my time with production work. I'll do anything for Bill!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the podcast too. It was the first time I listened to a Fatman podcast.

Here's hoping the documentary gets made and does well. :)

Pan MiluĊ› said...

Shame you can't find this podcast any more :(