Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The day in Bill Finger Google doodle news

The campaign to get Bill Finger the Google doodle for his 100th birthday (2/8/14) continues to expand/blow me away.

On 1/13/14, it was covered by the following:

love the ending of this one

Spectator Tribune (Manitoba, Canada)
love the format of this one; I was told that it was the 
most read article on the entire site that day

And I was interviewed by the Washington Post; that story should post this week.

Thank you again to the world at large for supporting this effort. Join the movement simply by emailing proposals@google.com ASAP (that birthday is hurtling toward us).


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Bill Finger fan myself, but given Google's propensity to shamelessly rip-off others' hard work for Android etc. they're the last company I'd want his good name to be associated with. I'm sorry, but I hope this campaign fails. There are far better ways to honor the master.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thanks for the comment, A. I see your point but my goal is simply to introduce as many people as possible to Bill Finger, and Google is quite possibly the best way to do that.

It should be noted, too, that Finger himself cribbed from other writers. I'm not saying it's right, but all creative types - and companies - are synthesized from various influences.

That said, I welcome suggestions for better ways to honor Finger?

Anonymous said...

First and foremost it would help if more fans knew about the Dark Knight's true origins, instead of simply parroting Kane's name. Your own Bill the Boy Wonder is an admirable starting point for young readers especially, but a comprehensive biography would be even better.

The ultimate honor of course would be to instate his name where it rightfully belongs - right alongside Kane's on every Batman product. Just how much documentary evidence is there? Enough to mount a serious legal challenge to Kane's "exclusive credit" contract with DC? I'd be more than willing (along with legions of fans no doubt) to donate to a legal fund dedicated to obtaining justice for Bill.

I know my previous comment might have sounded churlish but I truly believe that a Google Doodle is no great honor to aspire to, and moreover in my opinion would cheapen Bill's name and accomplishments. Let's find better ways to remember him and his contributions than some sort of stupid single-day cartoon that serves more as an advertisement for the company itself.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thanks again, A. Though BILL THE BOY WONDER appears exclusively a children's book, I market it to all ages and regularly speak to adults-only audiences about it.

Of course I am in favor of adding Bill's name to the credit line, and that remains a cumulative goal behind all I do.

In the meantime, anything that raises awareness of Finger adds to the grassroots movement to apply pressure for such a change, though ultimately, of course, that change will be out of the hands of fans, and me.

To some, the doodle will seem an honor, and in any case, again, its prime purpose would be to spread the word. This will benefit Finger fans and Finger himself far more than it will benefit Google.

I remain open to other ideas.