Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Girl in 1984 music video…oops, she did it again

In 3/15, something (however unlikely) I hoped might happen…happened.

One of the bands featured in my “girl in the video” series reunited with the girl I interviewed from one of their videos. Not only that—they did another video together.

The lovely Lee Ann Marie, who memorably appeared in Survivor’s “I Can’t Hold Back” (1984), stars in the video for “Cold Blooded,” a new song by Survivor founder Jim Peterik that releases today.

(Sadly, the month after Lee Ann’s interview posted in 7/14, Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison passed away.)

Lee Ann kindly agreed to answer questions about this new experience…31 years after her last Survivor experience. Her answers are anything but cold blooded.

What was the reaction from family and friends to your “I Can’t Hold Back” interview?

I think they enjoyed reliving the “epic” time almost as much as I did.

Did you hear from any fans after it, and if so, anything memorable?

I was amazed with and greatly appreciated the outpouring of well wishes and even autograph request. One of my favorite notes came from the person who was responsible in selecting me for the role, the director Robert Radler.

As you know, Jimi Jamison unexpectedly passed away the month after your interview posted. Did you two reconnect before that? 

A couple days following the release of the interview, I received an email from Jimi. He passed along compliments on the interview and my career path and reminisced about some of the moments in the video. I was delighted and grateful that he took the time to send his thoughts.

I was thrilled when I learned that you appeared in the video for a new song by Jim Peterik. How did that come about? Who reached out to you and when?

After the “I Can’t Hold Back” interview posted, I received a note of well wishes from Jim Peterik via his official Facebook page. He also asked “Wanna be in another video sometime?” It was hard for me to think that there could be a serious tone behind Jim’s question. However, I did reply “Would love to!” I wanted to keep things positive with the slim chance that he might be serious about the possibility. He replied “Could be a lot of fun. Stay tuned!” [Even] with that, I could not imagine that appearing in another music video was anything in my future…oh, so glad I was wrong!

What was it like to see Jim again after (presumably) 30 years?

As Jim often says, it was epic!

Did you reminisce about any stories from the “I Can’t Hold Back” shoot?

We didn’t but Jim did mention in his Facebook message that that video was one of his favorites. I completely agree!

Did he say when he was last in touch with Jimi?

No, but a sweet moment occurred in between takes of the video. Jim, referencing Jimi, said “I know he’s up there smiling down on this.”

Where was the “Cold Blooded” video shot?

At a club in the Chicagoland area.

Did they shoot in Chicago to accommodate you? 

No, the whole team is from the area.

Is the video connected in any way to “I Can’t Hold Back”?

Initially the concept was to draw parallels between the videos. “I Can’t Hold Back” began with me climbing down [a bookstore ladder]. “Cold Blooded” begins with me climbing up stairs. A small parallel but one that made the final edit.

One connection that didn’t make it in was the “I Can’t Hold Back” video playing in the background through the glass elevator. However, the still photographer, Lynne Peters, was able to capture some brilliant moments in between takes. Initially, when I saw the shots, they gave me goosebumps!

How was the experience, and how was it compared to “I Can’t Hold Back”?

Just as fabulous. I mean, just as epic. : )

Do you think you might work with Jim again?

I will never say—or think—never again! When I received the offer to be in “Cold Blooded,” the concept of having to take on the role of “video chick”—31 years following my [first] video chick days—seemed like a bigger challenge, in more ways than one, than I was willing to handle. For fear I would be talked out of accepting the role (or talked into accepting it), I didn’t share my conflict with anyone. I knew the decision had to be made by me [alone]. I let the voice within guide me and I heard “Don’t judge. Prepare as best as possible for the small amount of time given to you. Risk everything and have a ton of fun while you’re doing it.” And that is exactly what I did.

Anything else you have to add?

Given the musical genius and true gentleman that Jim Peterik is, I wasn’t surprised that he would pull together a team of creative artists who evoke the same genuine qualities and work ethic as him.

My first love interest in “Cold Blooded,” Marc Scherer, a five-octave tenor and co-writer on the debut album Risk Everything, always had something sweet and witty to say. [He] kept us smiling on set.

The list of creative geniuses continues, including video producer Greg Bazzaro with Jaffe Films and photographer Lynne Peters, whose brilliant work is featured in this interview.

Lastly, thank you, Marc Nobleman! If you hadn’t included me in the “girl in the video” interview series, this opportunity might never have happened.


Jason said...

Awesome story... and she still looks hot, IMO! :D

Unknown said...

I Drove Lee Ann Marie today in Las Vegas and Altough it was my last run I gave her and her guy a ride back to LVCC and We were talking about Music in the 80s and they Told me who She Was. How Epic and Awesome She Still is,GLAD TO HAVE MET BOTH OF YOU IF YOU EVER NEED A DRIVER IN VEGAS ☮♥️��

Wetton82 said...

Amazing interview and such irony with her coming back to perform with Jim Peterik again 31 years after I Can’t Hold Back!She is still absolutely stunningly beautiful woman. I only wish that they would’ve put more I can’t hold back Easter eggs in the video cold blooded. I’m a nostalgia fanatic and I thought that would’ve been such a wonderfully sweet touch to the video. The end Marie was supposed to also be in survivor is the search is over a video. The bands management decided against it and wanted to focus more on the band. She was supposed to be the girl that Jimmy Jamison eventually gets. It was supposed to be a sequel to I can’t hold back, and I thought that would’ve been an absolutely wonderful thing to do to complete the whole story. Rest in peace Jimi . You are sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

They don't make women like that anymore. Incredibly beautiful, great persona, smile - gorgeous to the tenth degree. Most beautiful woman I have ever seen.