Thursday, October 1, 2015

Another way to look at author visits

I’ve written here and here on the benefits of author visits (for the students, the staff, the author, and even unrelated readers).

I came upon a perspective that hadn’t occurred to me, attributed to a school librarian: “I can spend $1,000 and get 50 books that will be read by 30 students. Or I can spend that money on an author, who will reach all 350 students.”

I contacted said librarian (Heather Cone, Orchard Park Elementary School, Kettering, OH) who said that what she said was more like this (edited slightly for clarity):

“I could buy a hundred books (about the same as [some authors’] fee) and lotsa kids would love them. But bring in an author and every one [emphasis mine] of them remembers…even decades later…”

Both versions sound good to me!

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