Friday, October 2, 2015

“Look to the Sky” documentary on what Superman represents

No more waiting for Superman.

Brett Culp is a filmmaker whose documentary Legends of the Knight was all kinds of good: good at raising awareness for positive stories of people influenced by Batman, good at raising money for charity, good at raising money for itself (so it could be made it the first place).

Brett is not done with caped crusading. He just launched a crowdfunding campaign for a Superman documentary called Look to the Sky. It is not about
Supermans history, psychology, or mythology but rather the hope he represents to so many. Up, up, and away (go the contributions!).

Look to the Sky (2016) - Official Trailer - #SupermanIsReal from Brett Culp Films on Vimeo.

I was proud to be interviewed for this.

I was not surprised to see that Brett’s campaign raised more than $5,000 in a mere two hours; surely much higher by the time you read this. People supporting projects like Brett’s reinforce the very message of his films: despite how cruel the world can be, kind people are in ample supply.

Look to the sky.

That is to say, look to the good.

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