Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bill Finger credited in Batman-related comics, week 2

Week 1 of the corrected credit—three titles.

Week 2—six titles (not counting print series where the credit has already appeared, namely Batman & Robin Eternal): 

 Batgirl #45

 Batman ‘66 #28

 Grayson #13

Justice League: 
Darkseid War—Batman #1

Robin: Son of Batman #5

We Are Robin #5 
(but please all-cap either both names or neither!)

And we haven’t even gotten to flagships Batman or Detective Comics.

We Are Bill Finger.

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Anonymous said...

I am especially thrilled to see Bill Finger credited as the co-creator of Batman in the pages of Batman ‘66. More than any other series currently being published, Batman ‘66 embodies the tone and sensibilities of the amazing stories Finger wrote for the Batman comics from the character's debut in 1939 thru to the 1960s.

Marc, I know that I sent you a link to my blog post about Bill Finger finally receiving official recognition. I hope you will not mind me including it here also...

Thank you for working so diligently over the last several years at championing the cause of Bill Finger.