Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bill Finger co-credit - first time in print!

On 10/10/15, I first saw the new normal...Bill Finger’s name on Batman. Not just on Batman stories Bill wrote. On BATMAN.

It appears in Dark Knight Universe Presents: The Atom #1 (a mini-comic correlated to Dark Knight III: The Master Race). Small hero. Big deal.

The language is better than what I speculated. Batman film producer Michael Uslan called this DCs most seminal moment in Batman history since Detective Comics #27 [1939] and Batman #1 [1940]:

(Too bad Jerry Siegels name is spelled wrong. Twice.)

Lets zoom in on the credit heard ‘round the world:


Dave1950 said...

This is big moment for such small print. But, hey, it looks great. Congratulations to you and to the Finger family.

Stephen said...
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Mike P said...

That is WONDERFUL news, Marc! So happy to see it. Been a long time coming but it's a testament to perseverance, persistence and yes, the fight for justice. Congrats!