Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Coincidences: Batman, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and family

Bill Finger was name-dropped three times during the ceremony to unveil Bob Kane’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

  • 18:09 loud applause
  • 25:37
  • 30:30 by Jim Lee

 The woman in the white blouse is the 
widow of Bob Kane.

By the way…

I would not be surprised if DC hoped that the Finger credit would overshadow the Kane star!

(Also on 10/21/15: Marty McFly time-traveled from 1985.)

My personal Bill/Bob coincidence:

  • My paternal grandfather died in early 1974. So did Bill Finger.
  • My paternal grandma died on 11/3/98. So did Bob Kane. Yes, SAME DAY.

Frank and Bertha Nobleman, August 1962

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