Friday, November 13, 2015

Superman “bad outfit” line in “Greatest American Hero” pilot!

In 2011, I posted an interview with actor Bo Rucker, whose one line in Superman: The Movie is what YouTube user Jason Makiaris called “the most important moment in the Superman saga.”

In 2014, I posted an interview with singer Joey Scarbury, whose song “Believe It or Not” from is, I’d argue, one of the most beloved TV theme songs of the 1980s, if not all time.

I recently heard from a fan of Bo’s who pointed out that the 1981 pilot of GAH paid tribute to Bo’s funny/memorable line from Superman (1978).


Greatest American Hero (a little after 50 minutes into the show):

I’m sure that flew right over my 9-year-old head when I first heard it. I love when people take the time to remind me of these “lost” moments of pop culture.

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