Sunday, November 15, 2015

“Thirty Minutes Over Oregon” checks multiple boxes

I learned of Nobuo Fujita in 1997.

I finally wrote about him in 2007.

I finally sold that manuscript in 2014.

The book will finally come out in 2017—the 75th anniversary of Nobuo’s historic act.

I need a phrase more enthusiastic than “I can’t wait.”

Part of that enthusiasm is the usual sort—every book published is an honor I don’t take for granted. But part is because I already have a bit of intel as to how the book could be received. One benefit of taking this long from first draft to first printing is that it’s given me lots of opportunity to gauge reaction of the premise. Of special interest to me is reaction from teachers and librarians

I speak regularly about my superhero books in schools worldwide. Afterward, educators sometimes share with me parts of their wish list. I am happy that these four requests have come up, some frequently:

  • books that will appeal to boys (i.e. books they don’t have to force boys to read)
  • nonfiction picture books for middle grade
  • previously untold stories
  • World War II stories

Thirty Minutes Over Oregon is all four.

That does not automatically mean that educators will like the book…but they’ll like the idea of the book, and that’s a good enough start for me.

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