Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Six degrees of super-ation

My public posting of some of my research on the stories behind Superman (Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster) and Batman (Bill Finger) has resulted in a fun variety of people contacting me.

Here’s a list off the side of my head, which is a spot reserved for information that may be of interest only to me:

  • various people (often college students) interested in writing a book, play, or screenplay on these subjects
  • a lawyer who represented the Siegel family (I didn't get in trouble)
  • a producer for Warner Home Video (seeking info on Finger for a short documentary to be included on the DVD of a Batman animated film)
  • the son of a longtime editor of Superman comics
  • a producer for the PBS show History Detectives (regarding a claim that a man other than Finger or Bob Kane created Batman)
  • a talent I can mention by name—fellow Shusterite Craig Yoe, author of Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster (just to introduce himself, good chap)
  • an executive producer for a late night talk show
  • a co-producer of a PBS documentary series on superheroes
Speaking of information of interest only to me, I’ve already used the title of this post on this blog, but within an earlier post. It has since called out to me for marquee treatment.


Derek W said...

Hopefully the Bill Finger feature will make it to DVD sooner than later... very exciting!

Maybe we'll see you on late night television soon?

Richard said...

Be assured all this is of interest not only to you! I'd ask for more details on a few of these, but I'm assuming that if you felt free to disclose, say, the name of the Superman editor whose son contacted you, you would have done so. (I have no particular reason for wondering; just curious due to my longstanding interest in Superman writers and editors.) And if you ended up appearing on History Detectives, I'm guessing you'd let your readers here know…