Friday, October 1, 2010

The three scripts of Bill

A career spanning thirty years and thousands of stories yet pages from only three Bill Finger scripts are known to still exist?

source: William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum superhero exhibit catalog

source: Alter Ego #20

source: Alter Ego: The Comic Book Artist Collection

More must be out there. Check your grandparents’ attics.


J. L. Bell said...

There's some heavy editing on all of those scripts. Can you tell if the changes came from Finger or from an editor after he turned them in?

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Hi J.L. - Good question. Based on the Finger writing sample I have, I'd say he's editing the first one but not the second two.

Michael Town said...

Finger's writing style sucks you right in. He really knew how to grab the reader on page one. Great example of comic book writing.