Friday, October 15, 2010

Todd School, Briarcliff Manor, New York

Many authors know about Todd. This hard-working school brings in an author per grade every year. This year, I was fortunate to be the author for third through fifth grade.

They clearly know what they’re doing. Their preparation was an author’s fantasy.

Here are two activities some classes did in conjunction with Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman:

Here is an activity some classes did in conjunction with my two Vocabulary Cartoon of the Day books:

The school sold a cornucopia of books:

They have a tradition of having each visiting author customize a unique wooden book for display in the library. Here’s my before and after:

And even before I left the building, one class delivered thank you notes. Some of them contain requests too precious not to share (and yes, these are all from different letters and are all bona fide verbatim real):

“I hope you can dedicate a book to me.”

“Do you think you can write a book about our school?”

“Can you write a book about a girl?”

And the inevitable contrast:

“Can you make one book about a boy who is better than a girl at everything?”

Other choice comments:

“Are you going to be an author forever?”

“You taught me so much, like to have persistence and [that] your parents are smarter than you.”

I also liked how one student said he is looking forward to my book Behind Batman. That’s not what it’ll be called, nor did I reveal the actual title to them, but I love that he extrapolated that.


David Wallick said...

I know the children really enjoyed your visit and will remember the day for a long time to come. And thanks also need to go to our library media specialist, Tara Phethean, for preparing the kids for your visit so well and to our PTA for funding our author visits.

David Wallick
4th grade teacher

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thanks David, and yes, huge thanks to Tara and the army of PTA volunteers who made the visit go so well.