Thursday, October 14, 2010

Untold tale of Bill Finger #3: Bromance with Alfred Hitchcock

At times Bill was influenced by the suspense films of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. Bill’s friend and fellow writer Arnold Drake claimed that Hitchcock may have likewise been influenced by comics including Bill’s. (I never said all of these would be long tales.)

Hitch cameo'd in many of his films. If only Finger cameo'd in some of his Batman stories...or even one. Well, he kind of Detective Comics #80. The explanation will be in my book.


Anonymous said...

In Brave And The Bold No.70 on page 9, first panel, Batman nabs two crooks robbing a jewelry store. One of them is called Willie the Finger. I'm sure writer Bob Haney was saluting his fellow Batman writer.

Anonymous said...

Great call, it has to be a shout out to Bill!